Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh Campaign

Call to spread the message of cleanliness for a healthy, beautiful future

BP Business Desk

To spread the message of cleanliness among future generations and to build a healthy and beautiful future, Bangladesh Scouts and ‘Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh' jointly organized awareness activities across the capital on Tuesday. 

The purpose of this campaign is to build a beautiful, healthy and clean Bangladesh for future generations by creating awareness among the people of the country about their commitment to cleanliness. Through this campaign, awareness about personal hygiene and sanitation systems, cleanliness activities around communities and the importance of cleanliness had been conveyed.

Prominent actor Riaz the ambassador of Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh, in the awareness campaign said, “Bangladesh is the result of the sacrifice of three million martyrs. It is our responsibility to keep the country healthy and clean. From that responsibility, Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh and Bangladesh Scouts have been working to raise awareness about cleanliness. This is the responsibility of everyone. It is from this responsibility that everyone has been taking a pledge in the name of their child so that when they subsequently liter, they first think of their child and their future and remembers that they should be responsible. "

Mohammad Abul Khair, Deputy Director of Bangladesh Scouts in the awareness campaign said, "One of the reasons for the current dengue epidemic that has started in this country is cause of uncleanliness. If we keep our surroundings clean, then we will be able to stay healthy both physiologically and psychologically. That's why Bangladesh Scouts and Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh are working together to raise awareness about cleanliness. Everyone should come forward to create awareness on the issue. Everyone should make a pledge that they will not liter.”