Call for raising protein consumption for healthy nation

Published : 20 Sep 2021 11:52 PM | Updated : 21 Sep 2021 06:04 PM

Enhanced protein consumption through lessening dependence on rice can be the best way of founding a healthy and knowledgeable society through facing the existing nation-building challenges. 

Time has come to boost the consumption of eggs, milk, meat, and fish by reducing the gradually rising pressure on rice for the physical and mental development of the young generation.

Nutrition and health experts unanimously came up with the observation while addressing a seminar styled "Nutrition for All" at a restaurant in the city on Monday. 

Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC) and US Soybean Export Council jointly organized the rally in association with Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC). 

City Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Liton addressed the meeting as the chief guest saying protein is very much important for children and aged people. Milk, egg, meat, and fish are the main sources of protein. 

He called for boosting milk production and its consumption to eradicate the malnutrition problems that can stem Covid-19 spread. 

Highlighting the enormous aspects of milk to the nation-building process, he mentioned that milk consumption is very important for both the physical and mental development of children. So, utmost emphasis should be given to ensuring a fair price of milk and its safe supply. 

Protein is the vital nutrition for normal growth and development of the brain and other essential nutrients of the human body while livestock is the pivotal source of nutrition. 

Divisional Director of the Department of Livestock Services Dr. Uttam Kumar Das, Prof Khaleda Islam from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science in Dhaka University (DU), and President of Bangladesh Livestock Society Prof Jalal Uddin Sarder addressed the seminar as resource persons disseminating their expertise on the issue. 

BPICC President Moshiur Rahman, Additional Deputy Commissioner Kolyan Chowdhury, and nutritionist Ishrat Jahan also spoke. 

Speakers provide a message from the meeting that consumption of egg, milk, meat, and fish was enhanced in Rajshahi as the purchasing capacity of people increased. So, Bangladesh will attain development in nutrition indications in the years to come.

In her remarks, Prof Khaleda Islam mentioned regular egg intake is very much important for maintaining sound health as it's a balanced food to all irrespective of age, male, female, and season.  

She said eggs are relatively low in calories and saturated fat and rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients. 

“Most of the cholesterol that circulates in our bodies is not from cholesterol in foods, but rather from our liver making cholesterol in response to high intake of saturated and trans fat,” she added. 

She also said that the perception of regular egg consumption is the cause for leading to heart diseases has been proved incorrect and suggested regular intake of eggs especially for pregnant women and growing children. 

Prof Khaleda said the reasons behind low intake are economic status, low production, and misconception. 

Consumption of eggs has no significant link with heart diseases and protein is an important constituent of food that is necessary for strengthening and building muscles and tissues and also brain development.

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