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Cache server transfer likely to impact rural internet users

Published : 02 Jan 2022 10:18 PM | Updated : 03 Jan 2022 04:41 PM

Consumers are likely to experience slow speed of internet as the cache server is transferring as per the directives of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) President Emdadul Hoque Molla told Bangladesh Post, “While transferring the cache server people especially in rural areas may face slow speed of internet. While using social apps like facebook, instagram, streaming sites like youtube and others or browsing other websites they may stumble a bit.”

Asked how much time this will take to transfer the cache server, he replied, “We’ve already obtained NOC from BTRC and its depending on them (Google, Facebook, Youtube etc). If they cordially coordinate then it will be possible to transfer the cache server within a month. But if it continues in its existing pace I wonder it can take even three months.”  

“It would have been better to give some more time. Without arranging any alternative, we are transferring cache servers which is really challenging. However, we are trying to keep the connection uninterrupted,” he said. 

BTRC in a directive on last February 1 said that the International Internet Gateway (IIG) and the National Internet Exchange (NIX), mobile operator networks and nationwide ISPs (which provide services across the country) could set up cash servers with the permission of BTRC. The time for this was till 31st July. Later, the deadline was extended to 31 December.

As per BTRC directive, Police stations, district and division-based ISPs will not be able to keep servers. They will have to transfer their cache server to Nationwide, NIX, IIG or mobile operators network.  

According to BTRC, there are 129 licensed Nationwide ISPs and 36 IIGs in the country. There are also many local internet service providers. The number of local ISPs with cash servers will be more than 300. 

BTRC has also said that global internet companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube have set up private cash servers in Bangladesh through local agents without any approval which is not safe for the customers as well as the nation.

However, experts said, one of the purposes of removing the cache server from the local level is to establish control over the Internet system. 

Mouthophone Grahok Association President Mohiuddin Ahmad told Bangladesh Post, “Certainly this will reduce internet speed. People will have to suffer in getting information within short time. At the same it will harm small businessmen. The question is how much service will be available if the ISPs spread across the country are brought together in few places.” 

The cache server basically works to reduce the distance between the main server and the users. As well as controlling server and internet bandwidth pressure.

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