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Cabrera seeks improvement ahead of return leg

Published : 24 Mar 2024 09:33 PM

Bangladesh national football team coach Javier Cabrera urged his players to learn from their crushing 0-5 loss to Palestine in the World Cup and Asian Cup qualifiers. Despite a promising first half, Bangladesh conceded five unanswered goals, leaving Cabrera focused on improvement for the return leg.

Palestine, ranked significantly higher than Bangladesh, dominated the second half with forward Oday Dabbagh scoring a hat trick. While acknowledging the opponent's strength, Cabrera emphasized the missed opportunity: "We competed well for the first 40 minutes, but our performance dropped significantly. We need to understand why we couldn't maintain that level." said Cabrera at the post-match press conference.

Cabrera downplayed the immediate result, stating, "The score doesn't matter as much. We need to analyze why we could not sustain our early performance and find solutions to become a better team. We were not able to go back to the energy level we had at the beginning of the game. That is what we have to analyze. It is not about 5-0, 6-0, or 7-0; they have absolutely no importance for me, added Cabrera.

With the return leg fast approaching, Bangladesh has little time to dwell on the defeat. Cabrera's focus is clear: learn from the mistakes, improve, and come back stronger in the next game.