Cable car to add colour to Khagrachari tourism

In a bid to attract more tourist, the government is going to establish cable car in the hill district of Khagrachari.

Sources said already an expert technical engineering team from China has conducted the digital satellite survey of the district. The technical team conducted their survey from Alutila area to Horticulture Park adjacent to Zero mile of Khagrachari town. 

Locals hoped that adding cable car to the hill district would bring more colour to the area, and contribute to an increased number of tourists.

It has been learnt that Ministry of Chattogram Hill Tracts Affairs and Khagrachari Hill District Council are helping the technical expert team to establish the project. Sources related to the project said installation of the cable car will begin within few months.

Khagrachhari is situated in the south-eastern part of the country. It is a part of the Chattogram division and the Chattogram hill tracks. It is the home town of the Mong Circle Chief who is the head of the Arakanese descendants living in the district. It is also the administrative headquarters of Khagrachhari district.
It is a valley. There are three rivers namely Chengi, Kasalong and Maini. Chengi is the longest river in khagrachhari. Most of the land of Kagrachhari are hilly areas. The majority of people are Tripura, Chakma, Bangali, Marma and others. 

Alutila mysterious cave

Alutila Cave, also called Alutila Mysterious Cave is a cave located in Matiranga Upazila in hill district of Khagrachari, Bangladesh. The cave formed inside the 1000-meter-high hill named Alutila or Arbari Hill. The hill area is surrounded by dense green tropical forest.

It has a natural subway-like shape with cold water flowing through the bottom. The cave holds a gloomy atmosphere inside with pin drop silence and echoes, sure to mess with your ears and terrify you. This mysteriously shaped place is so dark that torches or locally sold flambeaux are used to see well enough when you walk through the cave. Alutila cave is the favorite habitat of many species of insects and bats.

How to Go: First you have to go to Khagrachari. You can find many bus services from Dhaka to Khagrachari available. From the city, many local transports such CNG auto rickshaw, bus etc. are available to take you to the spot.

Richhang Waterfall

Richhang Waterfall is a naturally formed waterfall located in Khagrachari.  It is one of the most striking tourist targets in Khagrachari. It is not so wide and not as great as the other waterfalls of Bandarban and Rangamati but it has its own way to awestruck you with its beauty.

In the rainy season, Richhang Waterfall appears in full might. The pouring water makes fierce roar. This waterfall is situated in the middle of a dense tropical forest. People have to climb and make way through the hills to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Richhang. The rainy season makes it difficult to climb the sloppy hills.

How to Go: One must reach Chittagong or Feni. From there, local bus services are available. The path to the waterfall begins from the highway and leads straight to Richhang through sloppy pathways.

Dighinala Touduchhori Waterfall

Dighinala Touduchhori Waterfall is another breathtaking site. The landscape is covered with giant stones, streams and lush greeneries. If you are lucky you’ll encounter wild elephants roaming around in groups.

How to Go: From Khagrachari – Dighinala road local bus services, Jeep (Chader gari) are available. Locals will guide you to the pathways of the waterfall.

Hanging Bridge in Horticulture Park 

Not too far from the town, the horticulture park is comparatively a newer attraction for the tourists. There is a nice and small suspension bridge which is a replica of the famous suspension bridge of Kaptai, established by the district administration to attract more tourists. It also has snack bar, kids’ playground, watch tower etc. Overall the place offers a very nice environment to enjoy the sunset while visiting.

There are a number of other destinations such as KHDC Horticulture Park, Dighinala Maniker Dighi, Yonged Buddha Bihar, Panichari Buddha Sculpture- the largest Buddha Sculpture in Bangladesh, Dighinala Touduchari Waterfall, Nunchari Debota Pond, Mong King’s Palace, Ramgarh Lake, Sindukchari Pond, Jol Pahar Matiranga, Parjatan Motel, Lakshmichari Waterfall, Matai Pukhiri, Sapachari Waterfall and Agriculture Research Centre. Most of the parts of the Sajek and Marissa Valley are located in Rangamati whereas Khagrachari holds some parts of these beautiful valleys and serves tourists with wonderful resorts and lodging facilities.

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