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CAAB lifts Covid-19 restrictions on int’l air travel

Published : 27 May 2023 10:29 PM

Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh has lifted Covid-19 restrictions for international air travel, effective immediately.

Passengers arriving from outside of Bangladesh need not to fill up an online Health Declaration Form (HDF) and need not to provide an RT-PCR test report or a Cavid-19 Vaccination Card/Certificate, according to a CAAB circular.

Passengers travelling from Bangladesh to other countries should take necessary actions as per the conditions set by the destination countries, it said.

Also, restrictions related to wearing masks, keeping social distance and other preventive measures related to Covid-19 spread are hereby made relaxed, said the circular.

However, travelers working in high risk places/zones (i.e Hospital, Clinic etc.) and the travelers highly susceptible with low immunity have to wear masks as precaution. Hajj passengers must abide by the conditions set by Saudi Arabia and keep themselves away from camels to prevent spread of MARS virus, it also said.