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Butterfly fair at JU

Published : 20 Dec 2019 09:21 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 12:46 AM

A daylong Butterfly Fair was held on Friday at Jahangirnagar University (JU) campus for the10th straight time with the slogan 'Urley Akashey Projapoti, Prokreti Pai Natun Gati, meaning 'when the butterfly takes wing, Nature gets new pace.' Dean of Biology faculty, Abdul Jabbar Howlader inaugurated the fair where Professor Md. Golam Mostafa of Zoology department, Mukit Mozumder Babu, chairman of Prokriti O Jibon Foundation and Director of Channel i among others, were present.

To create environmental awareness among the masses in the country to conserve butterflies, the Zoology department of JU in association with Cute Ltd, Prokriti O Jibon Foundation and Channel i has been organizing the fair since 2010. The convenor of the fair, Prof Monowar Hossain said, About four hundred species of butterflies can be noticed in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, one hundred and ten species of butterflies can be noticed on the Jahangirnagar University campus. Due to disruption of the habitat of these species, the number is now reduced to one hundred. But initiative must be taken to protect the butterfly, a symbol of the beauty of nature.

 The habitat of the Butterfly must be kept intact. If the environment of biodiversity is protected, the world will be better, he added. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Chairman of Prokriti o Jibon foundation Mukit Majumder Babu said, To protect nature, the protection of butterflies should be ensured. If the butterfly is not kept well, the environment will not be fair. Butterflies are not just a matter of beauty, but also play an important role in balancing the ecosystem.

Former IUCN Country Director Ishtiaq Uddin Ahmed said, Butterflies are inextricably combined with our environment. So if there is no proper environment, there will be no butterflies. Butterflies are the guide of a healthy forest. The more butterflies in a forest the healthier the forest. The whole campus was in a festive mode. From the morning, people of all ages participated in the fair to see the insects spreading in nature.

Mohini Akhter, from Gulshan in the capital, said, These butterflies are not only the beauty of the environment, but the variety and fascination. They also play a role in protecting the environment through pollination. It's nice to see the various butterflies in the campus despite a busy life in the city.

The fair exhibited numerous butterfly photographs inside and outside of the university`s Zahir Rayhan auditorium. This year, Arunav Bruno, a student of Sabujbagh Government College, was recognized with the 'Young Butterfly Enthusiast Award' and for overall contribution to butterfly research.

Professor of Zoology at Dhaka University. M. A. Bashar has been awarded the 'Butterfly Award-2019. The daylong fair featured a drawing competition for children, butterfly quiz, photography exhibition, butterfly exhibition, butterfly shape kite flying competition for children, butterfly race, debate competition and documentary exhibition on Butterfly conservation.