Businessmen harassment complaint rises: NBR Chairman

Businessmen of the country raise harassment allegations against the National Board of Revenue (NBR) when they are asked to submit VAT, Tax etc. But, NBR claims they never do such things. Rather, they try to keep business-friendly environment in the country. NBR chairman Abu Hena Md. Rahmatul Muneem said these while speaking at a meeting on Customs Day at the conference room in the capital on Thursday. Being the new chairman, this is his first meeting at the NBR.

He said, one of the common complaints of businessmen is that “When it comes to collecting VAT, they say there is no business-friendly environment. We will try to create a business-friendly environment. To create such an environment, we will work on what kind of policy needs to be followed”.

About the corrupt officials of the NBR he said, “Despite the government’s facilities, there is no point to be greedy. I will try my best to make the organization corruption-free”.

While replying to a journalist’s question, quoting ‘Zero Tolerance’ only a slogan, he said, “To bring transparency, accountability, and honesty, I will do everything that is required. We all should work for country’s betterment. Beside our economic development, our social and thinking development is also needed.

It is to be noted, Customs Day will be celebrated on January 26. Customs Organisation of 183 countries including Bangladesh will celebrate the day across the country. In this regard, the NBR will organize a colorful rally and seminar on the day.