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BUP wins in Jessup Bangladesh 2024

Published : 11 Feb 2024 09:50 PM

After Team BUP's historic victory at Jessup Bangladesh, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) can now proudly fly the Bangladeshi flag in Washington, DC, USA.

One of the most prominent moot court competitions centered around international law is the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, or Jessup for short. It has grown to be the biggest moot court competition in the world in 65 years, bringing together law students from all over the world. 

Aspirants can participate in simulated court hearings before a panel of judges through Jessup, which fosters cross-cultural communication and understanding between aspiring professionals. There are two levels to the tournament. Both domestic and international. In the US capital of Washington, DC, the national teams who qualify represent their respective nations.

American International University, Bangladesh hosted the 8th Bangladesh Qualifying Round of Jessup 2024 from February 01 to 03. To win the title, 32 universities across Bangladesh engaged in a head-to-head competition and finally Team BUP ultimately stole the trophy.

Under the direction of Assistant Professor of BUP, Md Abu Bakar Siddique, the winning team was made up of Sihon Sultana Umi, Shushil Kabir Miazi, Md Sohanur Rahman, Md Muhtasim Faiaz, and Afsana Labonya Prothoma.

The team's victory demonstrated its commitment to international law in addition to cementing their reputation. The team's ability to successfully negotiate complex legal landscape in front of an eminent panel of local and foreign judges is demonstrated through their triumph.

BUP was required to participate in two matches as applicants and two matches as respondents during the preliminary round. Eight of the 32 teams made it from the preliminary round to the quarterfinals and, subsequently, four more teams advanced to the semifinals. In the championship match, BUP faced off against the University of Chittagong and triumphed through a fierce battle. BUP competed all of Bangladesh's reputable law schools at the national level. Due to their success, they will now have the chance to debate universities like Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge etc. in Washington DC, United States of America in March. After finishing third in the national round in 2022 and making it to the Jessup Bangladesh quarterfinals in 2023, this important victory marks a turning point for BUP.

A distinguished and knowledgeable panel of judges presided over the competition, and they gave the oralists commendable remarks for the quality of their legal arguments and the way they presented their cases. The presiding judge, Justice Naima Haider, heard the BUP's oral submission in the final round. She commended all the teams, but particularly the female members, noting that it is admirable that so many women are pursuing careers in law.

Jessup Bangladesh 2024 will always be seen as the year when BUP law achieved its first institutional victory, setting the basis for future transnational competitions.