Bumper yield of T-Aman satisfies local farmers

Published : 29 Nov 2021 09:54 PM

The yield of T-Aman paddy has become surplus in four upazilas of Chuadanga district this season due to huge production. 

The surplus paddy is being sold by the farmers to the buyers after harvesting them gradually. Farmers of the upazila cultivated the T-Aman paddy with the purpose of meeting the demand. According to District Agricultural Extension Department, a total of 178,076.7 metric tonnes of T-Aman paddy has been produced by cultivating 34,917 hectares of land in the district this season.

The upazila wise break ups of the farmed lands are- 16,512 hectares of land in Alamdanga upazila with an yield of 84,211.2 metric tonnes, 5,400 hectares of land in Chuadanga sadar upazila with 27,540 metric tonnes of yield, 6,985 hectares of land in Damurhuda upazila with 35,623.5 metric tonnes of yield and finally 6,020 hectares of land in Jibannagar upazila with 30,702 metric tonnes of yield. 

The sources added, the farmers have preserved 143,461.7 metric tonnes of T-Aman for consuming themselves of fresh and fine type. Rest of the 36,615.34 metric tonnes of T-Aman is being sold at different markets in the district as surplus. This surplus T-aman paddy is being supplied to the other parts of the country after buyers are buying and transporting them.

In the Brngali month of Ashar, the seeds of T-Aman paddy are sown for seedlings, the seedlings are transplanted in the field in the month of Bhadra, and the paddy is harvested in Agrahayana, Abdur Razzak, a farmer of village Khadimpur in Alamdanga upazila of the district said. 

It may be mentioned here that BRRI-51 variety and BRRI-71 variety have been cultivated in the district. Production of these varieties is higher than other varieties. So, these varieties are popular among the local farmers.

Idris Ali, a farmer of village Hazrahati under Chuadanga Municipal area in the district told the Bangladesh Post, he has brought 10 Kathas of his land under T-Aman farming this year for the purpose of consuming in the next 6 months. After 6 months he will harvest another type of paddy for consuming. 

Zalal Mollah, a farmer from Sreekol-Boalia area in Sadar upazila of the district said, he has cultivated T-Aman on one Bigha of land this season. About 13 mounds of T-Aman paddy have been produced after harvesting which will be preserved for consumption in the next 6 to 7 months.

Aliar Mollik of village Monorpur under Jibannagar upazila of the district said he is very happy due to huge production of the T-Aman this season. 

Akbar Ali, a farmer of village Joyrampur in Damurhuda upazila of the district added, the land of the area is fit for the cultivation of T-Aman. No irrigation is needed for the growing of seedlings. Moreover, no diseases attacked the paddy this season and he happy with the fruitful production of the paddy. 

It is learnt, there are about 43 haats and bazaars in Chuadanga district. Over 170,007 people are engaged in agricultural work for producing different type of crops (according to census of 2011).  Dr Md Abdul Mazed, Deputy Director of Chuadanga District office of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) told the Bangladesh Post, T-Aman has been produced a huge quantity for favour of climate and weather.  The concerned staffs and officers of the department always contacted with farmers for taking care of their paddy. They have suggested the growers using fertilizers, arranging irrigation and controlling insects according to the necessity of farmers. 

He also added, he visited some plots of T-Aman paddy and was satisfied seeing the yield of the paddy. So they were pleased now for bumper production of paddy and with the happiness of the farmers.