Bumper yield of Mangalbaria litchi in Kishoreganj

Published : 04 May 2021 09:06 PM

Mangalbaria is a small village in Hosendi union of Pakundia upazila in Kishoreganj district. There is no farmer's house in this village where there are not at least 4 to 5 litchi trees. 

Through litchi farming, the farmers of this village have become financially prosperous. The village of Mangalbaria in Pakundia upazila of Kishoreganj is famous for its improved varieties of litchi, There has seen bumper yield of litchi this season. On top of that, the price of 100 litchis is going up from Tk 250 to Tk 350. 

According to the farmers, each tree produces 10 to 12 thousand litchis and in Mangalbaria village litchi worth around Tk 3 crore is sold in a single season. Satisfied smiles have been noticed on the faces of local litchi farmers as bumper yields have been achieved this season.

According to the locals, litchi has been cultivated in Mangalbaria village for two hundred years. Bright red color, large size and small beech as well as sweet taste - these are the characteristics of Mangalbaria litchi. Due to all these qualities, litchi here has already gained a reputation in the country. 

Mangalbaria litchi has started to ripen slowly ahead of the litchi-filled season. The courtyard of the house and the trees on both sides of the road are covered with red litchi.  The red-red ceremony all around fascinates any person.

Referring to the demand for litchi here from all over the country, Ashraf Mia, a trader who came to buy litchi from Mangalbaria, said, "I am a litchi trader." I buy litchi from here and sell it all over the country including Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong.  Litchi is in great demand all over the country.

Describing the improved quality of litchi in Mangalbaria, local villager Md. Humayun said, litchi has been cultivated in Mangalbaria village for two hundred years. Every house in our village has a litchi garden. The litchi here is big in shape and fun to eat. This litchi is supplied all over Bangladesh.

Mokhlesur Rahman Dada Bhai, a prominent litchi farmer from Mangalbaria village, said that he is financially self-sufficient by selling litchi. He said, "I have 30/32 litchi trees in my garden." I have become self-sufficient by selling this litchi. Seeing me, many people became inspired and became economically self-sufficient by cultivating litchi.

Accurate information about the origin of Pakundia’s Mangalbaria litchi is not known. The species is thought to have originated in India. Locals say that a long time ago, a man named Hasim Munshi brought a litchi sapling from a hilly area and planted it in the yard of his house in Mangalbaria village. From there, another villager named Basir Uddin planted a pen in his backyard. This is how Mangalbaria litchi spread.

Interestingly, apart from Mangalbaria, there are thousands of litchi trees in almost all the unions of Pakundia including Hossendi Union. However, all the litchis produced in Pakundia upazila is called Mangalbaria litchi.

With the provision of necessary Government and private assistance, on the one hand, it is possible to further expand the cultivation of litchi produced here, believe local litchi farmers.