Bumper yield of early-variety Boro paddy in Sirajganj

Published : 24 Apr 2022 09:38 PM | Updated : 24 Apr 2022 09:38 PM

Bora paddy of early variety has started to be harvested in Tarash of Sirajganj which is famous for its granary. The yield has also been bumper. Now the farmers are as busy as ever.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Department, the target for boro cultivation in the upazila this season has been set at 22,315 hectares. But 22 thousand 360 hectares have been achieved beyond the target. The Department of Agriculture thinks that the farmers are inclined to cultivate boro every year to provide seeds and fertilizers as a government incentive.

It is learned that different varieties of boro paddy have been planted in eight unions of the upazila. Meanwhile, Miniket, Bri-28 and Kataribhog paddy harvesting has started. Paddy is being grown at the rate of 22 manas to 25 manas per bigha. However, farmers think that the yield of other varieties of paddy will be higher. Because it is a little less as it is a thin variety of advance variety.

Janmahmud, a farmer from Katagari village in Desigram union of Tarash upazila, said bumper crop has been harvested this year. Ripe paddy has been illuminated by golden light in the field. Workers from different areas including Pabna, Jessore, Kushtia are coming to the householder's house to harvest paddy.

Ashraf Ali, a farmer from Manikchapar village in Talam union, said bumper crop of 12 paddy has been harvested. Prices are pretty good right now. Paddy is now being sold at Tk1000 to Tk 1200 in every market. If the weather is unfavorable then the farmers of this upazila will be very happy.

He said, “I plant miniket paddy this year. A few days ago, the farmers of this upazila have been affected due to the disease of Miniket paddy.” 

He said that the fair price of paddy is not available while selling it.

Lutfunnahar Luna, agronomist of Tarash Upazila Agriculture Officer, said, “Boro paddy has become much better this time in Chalanbil including Tarash Upazila. Paddy has bumper yields. However, it will still take 15 days to harvest paddy in full swing. Farmers who have not planted mustard have started harvesting their paddy in advance. The price of paddy is also much higher.”