Bumper yield invites woes for farmers

Per kg tomato is being sold at Tk 4 to 5 at Chitalmari

Published : 16 Jan 2021 08:28 PM

Tomatoes are being sold at Tk 4 to 5 per kg at Chitalmari in Bagerhat. However, at the beginning of the season, the price of tomatoes was Tk 60 to 75 per kg. 

Although farmers are frustrated by the sudden fall in prices due to lack of proper market management, the bumper yield is also responsible for this. Visiting different markets of Chitalmari on Friday, it was seen that good quality tomatoes are being sold at Tk 180 to Tk 200 per mound. Medium size tomatoes are varying from Tk 120 to 150 per mound. Besides, small tomatoes are available at Tk 40 per mound.

Talking to the farmers, it was known that they got good prices for a few days at the beginning of the season. Now in the full season, the price of tomatoes has come down and they're in danger. 

The labor cost and transportation cost of picking tomatoes do not cover the cost of tomatoes production. In this regard, the government should focus on proper market management control, they think. 

This year farmers of Chitalmari were happy with bumper yield of tomatoes and  also getting high price they expected. 

But unfortunately the market price has fallen due to the sudden increase of tomatoes and market mismanagement. But now tomatoes are not being sold to pay for labor costs and transportation costs. So the cultivators are worried about huge loss.

Local vegetable traders said tomatoes were ripe everywhere at the same time and coming to the market immensely that's why prices have come down due to this sudden increase. However, prices may rise ahead.

A trader said, "We bought at Tk 60/75  per kg of tomatoes in Chitalmari area at the beginning of the season. Due to which many farmers have got good prices this year. Now we are being forced to buy goods at lower prices as per the demand of Mokam."

"In fact, the production of tomatoes in the upazila is much higher this year than other years. Due to which the price has come down. However, prices are likely to rise in the upcoming days, they think.