Bumper veg production cheers char people in Pabna

Published : 30 Dec 2022 08:54 PM

Different types of vegetables have been cultivated in hundreds or acres of land in Char area of Bara upazila of Pabna. During the last monsoon season, there has been massive production of winter vegetable crops due to siltation of the land. Vegetable farmers are looking at profit. Farmers have cultivated vegetables in different areas of Char Pechakola, Char Nakalia, Char Sandashia, Hatail, Aralia, Char Bengalia, Charnagdah of the upazila.

Talking to the vegetable farmers, it is known that many vegetable farmers of Char Nagdah village, Tikka Mir, Ayub Mir, Jalal Bepari, Mostak Sandal of Char Sandashia village, Kader Sandal, Aziz Molla of Char Nakalia village, Babu Molla, Karim of Haturia village have 

benefited by cultivating vegetables this year. 

Farmers also said that vegetables have been grown at a large rate this year in various grazing areas including South Char Pechakola, Char Nakalia, Char Sandashia, Hatail, Araliya, Char Bengalia of the upazila. Winter crops Tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, gourd, beans, radish, brinjal, potato, red cabbage, spinach, green vegetables have been produced extensively. In addition to farmers benefiting from this, people are heaving a sigh of relief by buying vegetables at low prices as a large amount of winter vegetables are imported in the bazaars.

The farmers of the Char area said that due to the production of a large amount of vegetables this year, the vegetables are being delivered to various wholesale markets in the country, including the capital Dhaka, through wholesale traders to meet the demand of the area.

Regarding vegetable production, Hannan Bari, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer of Bera Upazila Agriculture Office, said that this year, vegetables have been cultivated on 600 bighas of land in Char Zone of Haturia-Nakalia Union of Upazila, which is twice the target level. 

Vegetable farmers hope that the farmers of the area will benefit economically as the production is high.