Bumper mustard yield in Moulvibazar, farmers prepare for harvesting

Published : 31 Jan 2023 08:56 PM

This is the first time that mustard cultivation has taken place in the three upazilas of Baralekha, Juri and Kulaura in the largest Hakaluki Haor region of Bangladesh located in Moulvibazar district. Favorable environment at the beginning of cultivation resulted in bumper yield of mustard. The match of yellow on the green field is like a yellow fly. It is as if a wide desert covered with a yellow carpet.

As far as the eye can see, fields are painted with yellow flowers. The land across Hakaluki's chest now at a sight that would blow anyone's mind. On the other hand, when the water level of the country's largest Hakaluki Haor drops during the dry season, field after field on the Haor bank is left uncultivated. Year after year no crops are cultivated in these lands.

The farmers of Haor area were encouraged to take up cultivation by the single effort of the Agriculture Department. Therefore, this year the farmers started farming on the abandoned seven hundred and fifty hectares of Hakaluki Haor. About one and a half thousand farmers of Baralekha, Kulaura and Juri upazilas have come forward for mustard cultivation for the first time after getting free fertilizer and seeds. 

Farmers cultivate high yielding varieties of Bari mustard-14, 17 and 18 and Bina-4 and 9 varieties of mustard. It has yielded a bumper crop of mustard. This year, one and two metric tons of mustard has been produced per hectare. The largest production area is in Baralekha Upazila. Sojanagar, Talimpur and Varni Unions of this upazila are cultivating mustard on five hundred hectares of land.

Moulvibazar Agriculture Department sources said that two thousand hectares of uncultivated land in the whole district has been brought under mustard cultivation for the first time. In addition, this year mustard cultivation has been done in an additional two thousand hectares of land in the district than the set target. 

Farmers are also happy with the good yield of mustard this year. Baralekha Upazila Agriculture Officer Deval Sarkar said that free seed fertilizer and multiple yard meetings among farmers encouraged them to cultivate mustard. In this, the farmers of Haor area came forward in mustard cultivation. As a result, they cultivate mustard in the fallow land of Haor area with the full cooperation of the Agriculture Department.

Informing about the bumper yield of mustard this year, Moulvibazar Agriculture Extension Directorate Deputy Director Samchuddin Ahmad said that the farmers will come forward with more interest in mustard cultivation in the next year as well. This will gradually increase the cultivation of mustard in the district. Along with this, the district will be able to meet the demand of edible oil.

  According to the information given by the Agriculture Department, this year, the target of mustard cultivation has been set on 2 thousand 750 hectares of land in Moulvibazar district, but 4 thousand 750 hectares have been achieved. 

And production has been 5 thousand 700 metric tons. Farmers of this area can expect good things if proper supervision is maintained in future