Bumper harvest of litchi in Dinajpur

Published : 22 May 2022 08:20 PM

Bumper litchi has been harvested in every upazila of Dinajpur district this time. Dinajpur district has a total of 7,250 hectares of litchi orchards. Ripe litchis are adorning the gardens. Additional Director of Dinajpur Agriculture Department Pradeep Kumar Guha confirmed the information regarding litchi ceremony and acquired litchi. 

He said, Dinajpur district is well known as the most litchi state in our country. Litchi cultivation is increasing in Dinajpur as the days go by. The amount of litchi cultivation land is gradually increasing every year. Although litchi is cultivated more or less all over the country, the demand for litchi in Dinajpur is the highest. Saidur Rahman, Deputy Director, Training and Research, District Agriculture Extension Department, said the target for litchi cultivation was set at 7,000 hectares in Dinajpur district this year. 

Litchi production has been achieved in additional 250 hectares of land and litchi cultivation has been achieved in a total of 7,250 hectares of land. Dinajpur litchi is in demand all over the country as it is delicious and sweet. This time Dinajpur litchi will be exported to western countries. He further said that among the litchis of Dinajpur, China Three, Bedana, Bombay and Madraji, Kathali are notable. Sadar, Biral, Chirirbandar, Birganj and Khansama upazilas are famous among the places where litchi is cultivated in Dinajpur. 

Afzal Hossain, a litchi farmer from Mashimpur area of Dinajpur Sadar Upazila, said that he had to start care as soon as the litchi flowers started coming. Litchi has started ripening in the hope of maturity of litchi with regular spraying and irrigation. Bombay and Madras litchi first came to the market. This native species of litchi is being sold at Tk 180-220 per hundred. Within the next 15 days, the traditional litchis of Dinajpur will start coming to the market. Last year, due to the global outbreak of corona virus and the holy month of Ramadan, Dinajpur and Khansama litchi farmers and traders could not send out. That is why litchi was in a bad mood. This time the litchi growers and traders are spending their busy days tending the litchi garden in the hope of getting a good price. 

Speaking to litchi traders of different upazilas, it is learned that the litchi yield of Dinajpur has increased a lot this time as compared to previous years. Litchi farmers are hopeful that litchi can be exported outside the country by filling the demand of the country.