Bumper bean production likely in Dinajpur

Farmers of Dinajpur district are optimistic about getting bumper production of beans this year due to favorable weather conditions and timely supply of necessary inputs.

Meanwhile, farmers become happy after getting good yield and market.

In this year, the land is suitable for beans cultivation due to weather conditions and high flat land.  Moreover, periodically rain becomes helpful for all the bean cultivators.

The high quality beans are cultivating on 4-5 feet high of bamboo machete from the soil. However, beans cultivation decorated the whole area into a green land. Every year, farmers are earning millions of taka by selling beans. Farmers are hoping that if the weather situation is remain controlled they will get Tk1 to 2.5 lakhs from per bigha by selling beans.

At the first time of the season, the market price of the beans were Tk100 to Tk120 and now the price of beans are Tk75 to Tk90. If this price is continuing, the farmers will be benefitted.

Agriculture Officers said the soil of Dinajpur district is qualitative for vegetables cultivation. However, farmers used to cultivate beans after cultivating corn.

The government's concerned department will help farmers in this area to cultivate vegetables including beans by improving agricultural technology and will play a vital role in the rural economy of our country.