Bull expected to fetch Tk 25 lakh

Published : 16 Jul 2020 08:44 PM | Updated : 12 Sep 2021 02:33 PM

When the country was introduced with two remarkable bullocks titled Bahubali and Jubaraj, the third one tiled Jubaraj had appeared in public with a new focus. Grown with natural feed as against chemical ones, Jubaraj is the most attractive and valuable sacrificial animal prepared to hit the market within a day or two. The animal is expected to be sold at Taka 25 lakh.

Locals said huge crowd rushing at Durgapur village in Jhenidah Sadar to snap selfi with the beast who does not understand the language of the human community. A good number of crazy people have been releasing the photo of the animal in social media with excessive interest that made the beast more popular everywhere.

Some Hafizur Rahman of Durgapur who was watching Jubaraj at the Abdullah Agro and Dairy Farm owned by Shah Alam Mia, said the animal had introduced their village to thousands of people in home and abroad. The beast responds when someone calls him in name, Hafizur Rahman said.

Sentu, a visitor from Jhenidah town said he rushed the farm hearing the name of the bullock Jubaraj. “It is almost an elephant in size and weight. I offered Taka 19 lakh 50 thousand for one of my expat relation for sacrificial purposes”, said Sentu.

When contacted Abdullah Agro and airy Farm owner Shah Alam Mia, a resident of Shibchar upazila in Madaripur said he was settles at Durgapur eight years back. He has been living there constructing a house and dairy farm for Taka 38 lakh. He has been rearing bullocks at the farm for last seven years.

Jubaraj was brought to Eid Ul Azha market last year and he was offered Taka 21 lakh then. Till today the buyers have been offering Taka 19 lakh when the price of animals had fallen due to the reverse impact of  novel corona virus. He has been spending Taka two thousand for the animal a day for feeding, health management, cleanness and other purposes. 

Moreover, he did not come back without selling 50 maund weight Frizian variety Jubaraj at Taka around 30 lakh. He is hopeful enough to sale the same in the season. Stating his long stay at a number of countries, the entrepreneur said the people engaged in cow and other beasts rearing in the country were counting loss due to global havoc corona virus as the prices fallen abnormally. 

They are even not receiving two-third price of the animals in the current Eid market throughout the country. It will break down the backbone of the dairy farm owners. He had demanded incentives to recover the loss of the dairy farm owners to ensure their survival. 

Further, the farm owners should be given middle-term micro credit at a lower rate. If the dairy farm owners could not be brought under incentives and micro credit programme, the socio-economic state of the farm owners as well as the country will face break, Shah Alam Mia expressed.

He also demanded not to allow any cattle in the Eid market from neighboring country to save the dairy farm owners as the farm owners and private initiatives in the country producing additional cattle heads than the yearly demand, he expressed his hope.

District Livestock Officer (DLO) in Jhenidah Ananda Kumar Adhikary said they are assuming the weight for about 50 maunds. As the Eid Ul Azha will be celebrated a few weeks later, the weight and price of Jubaraj might increase someway.

Jubarj is only the beast which was growing with natural feeds as against present trend for bolus or chemical feeds, DLO said.