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BUET students continue to boycot exams

Published : 20 Apr 2024 11:18 PM | Updated : 21 Apr 2024 11:59 AM

Students at BUET continue to abstain from exams in opposition to student politics. 

The 20th batch skipped the term final exams on Saturday; the 21st batch did the same on Wednesday, and the 22nd batch did so on Thursday.

Following a 13-day break for Eid-ul-Fitr and Pahela Boisakh, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) resumed classes last Wednesday. 

Yet, the term final examinations faced a notable absence as students from the 21st batch opted to boycott their exams. The following day, the 22nd batch followed suit, resulting in a halt to batch classes due to the ongoing exam boycott.

The students maintain that they will only return to academic activities if an appeal is filed against the High Court's order suspending the decision to ban student politics in BUET, coupled with the scheduling of a new date for the boycotted examinations.

An official from the BUET administration disclosed plans for a meeting of the Academic Council on Sunday, hinting at the possibility of rescheduling the examination timetable to facilitate students' return to academic routines.

However, the students' stance against student politics remained unwavering, prompting legal action. The High Court's decision to suspend the ban on student politics at BUET has reignited student protests, underscoring their steadfast refusal to tolerate any form of student political activity on campus.

BUET authority awaits a stay order from the High Court regarding the decision to ban student politics, as affirmed by BUET Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Abdul Jabbar Khan. Prepared for a legal battle, Dr. Khan vows to pursue the matter through legal channels until its conclusion.

Dr. Abdul Jabbar Khan clarified, "As of now, we have not received any court order. Given that the court is closed until April 22, we anticipate receiving the order thereafter. Once received, we will assess its content and respond accordingly." He emphasized the need for clarity on the suspension of the 2019 notification banning student politics, stating that BUET will adhere to the legal process, providing responses based on its content and merits.

Dispelling misconceptions about BUET's stance on legal proceedings, Dr. Khan affirmed the institution's commitment to swift and thorough engagement with the legal process. He reiterated BUET's resolve to contest the matter until the appellate stage, with the backing of students and alumni.

Regarding the status of student politics at BUET, Dr. Khan clarified, "In the absence of a court order, we maintain that the 2019 notification remains valid. Should the legal process rule against the university, only then will politics be reinstated on campus."

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