Bubly’s ‘Deyaler Desh’ marks successful Eid release

Published : 17 Apr 2024 10:01 PM

The Bangladesh film industry had a successful Eid-ul-Fitr release of 11 movies, including Mishuk Moni's directorial "Deyaler Desh". The movie marked the debut collaboration of popular Dhallywood stars Shobnom Bubly and Sariful Razz, and it has been attracting audiences since its release with its unique storyline.

In the movie, Shobnom Bubly and Sariful Razz play lead roles, and their performances have received widespread appreciation. The movie's poster, trailer, and songs had already garnered fans' attention leading up to its release. The film's storyline is distinct and engaging, making it a testament to the Bangladesh film industry's talent and potential for unique storytelling.

Shobnom Bubly expressed her excitement about the positive response to the film, saying, "Since its release, we've received a fantastic response from the audience. People have been sharing positive reviews on social media platforms. I never anticipated such overwhelming love from the audience. 'Deyaler Desh' is truly flourishing due to its brilliant storyline and the hard work of the entire cast and crew. I urge everyone to experience 'Deyaler Desh' at the theatres."

Sariful Razz also expressed his gratitude, saying, "From the moment I began shooting for the film, I've become an integral part of this team. I've poured my heart and soul into this project. Witnessing the audience's appreciation validates every ounce of effort I've invested. It comes with the territory to expect both praise and criticism in my profession. However, seeing people engage with my work makes every ounce of effort completely worthwhile." The success of "Deyaler Desh" is a testament to the Bangladesh film industry's talent and potential to produce unique and captivating movies. It is heartening to see the film's success and the audience's engagement with it. The movie's release has marked a significant milestone for both Shobnom Bubly and Sariful Razz, and it is sure to pave the way for many more successful collaborations in the future.