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BTRC revokes licenses of 48 ISPs

Published : 14 Nov 2023 10:37 PM

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has canceled the licenses of 48 internet service providers (ISPs), declaring their operations illegal. 

The decision, outlined in an emergency notification published on the BTRC website on Tuesday, mandates the affected ISPs to surrender their licenses within the next 10 days.

BTRC Director (Licensing) Md. Nurannabi signed the urgent notification sent to the concerned parties last Sunday, specifying that the ISP 

licenses of the mentioned 48 institutions have been canceled with the approval of the appropriate authority. 

Any activities conducted under these licenses are now deemed illegal and are subject to penalties under the BTRC Act, 2001.

The BTRC has cautioned the public and businesses against engaging in any telecommunication contracts, receiving services, or financial transactions with the ISPs whose licenses have been revoked. The commission has also directed the affected institutions to promptly surrender their ISP licenses to the Licensing Commission within the stipulated 10-day period. 

Those 48 institutes are- M/S. Metaphor Digital Media, M/s. Yellow Net, M/s. Bot Tola Cyber Net, M/s. Xp Online, M/s. Citycom Network, M/s. BCL Online Service & Cyber Café, M/s. Touch Net Broadband Connection, M/s. Cue Club Technology, M/s. Cyber Hut, Kawmi Online, Future Net Solution, M/s. Iranet Cyber Café, A-1 Dot Net, Ava Bd Network, Automation System, Extreme Net, Maisha Net, Desh Communication, Bhuiyan Telecom, Next Gen Online, Dhaka Internet, Shadhinota Net, Ok Network & Communications, Bismillah Computer & Technology, EDGE Speed, Green Zone Online, Touch Communication, Bee Online, Zisan Communication, Nasa Multimedia Network, Binary Matrix BD, Alonia Net BD, Betaga Online, Ahon Communication, Toa Online, IT Computer Training Institute,, Digraj Internet Service Provider, Friends Broadband Network, Geo-Net, Star Internet Service, Asian Network, Smart Online, Touch Online, M/s. Green Broadband Network Service, M/s. Bhola Dot Net, Dipa Internet & Cyber Café, and EasyNet.