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BTEB official admits to bribing journos

Published : 11 May 2024 10:56 PM

System analyst of Bangladesh Technical Education Board AKM Shamsuzzaman who was arrested on March 31 on charge of selling fake certificates has admitted to bribing some journalists and ACC officials.

DB chief Mohammad Harun-or-Rashid again made the claim while talking to a group of journalists at his Minto Road office on Saturday.

The journalists would be brought face to face with Shamsuzzaman if they (journalists) want, he said.

Shamsuzzaman along with other officials of the board have sold fake certificates and mark sheets over the years in exchange for money, the DB boss disclosed. “The arrested official has provided us 

with information on how to identify the certificates sold. We will 

inform the board in this regard, so that they can take step to scrap them,” he added.

Shamsuzzaman sold fake certificates to around 5,000 people. Even many officials and employees of the board were also involved in syndicate.

He had been bribing journalists and ACC officials to sell certificates for a long time. The DB chief stated that Shamsuzzaman was taken into custody at the end of Ramadan.

"While he was on remand, many journalists called him and asked for Eid bonus." 

Shamsuzzaman revealed the information when and how amount of money he gave to certain journalists during the second round of remand. 

"Our DB officials have kept in touch with the officials of the relevant institutions," the DB chief said.  

“We will give any journalist the chance to sit and talk with Shamsuzzaman. We think that any kind of unfair harassment of should never occur.”