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Bryce Dallas debunks MCU ‘Fantastic Four’ casting rumours

Published : 26 May 2022 07:40 PM

Bryce Dallas Howard debunks recent rumors that she's joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four's cast. Marvel Studios regained control of Marvel's First Family a few years ago thanks to Disney's acquisition of Fox. It didn't take long for a solo Fantastic Four movie to be officially announced, even though a release date was not confirmed. Spider-Man: No Way Home's Jon Watts was originally meant to direct the film prior to dropping out earlier this year.

The impending arrival of the Fantastic Four in the MCU has left audiences wondering who will play the main characters: Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, and Ben Grimm/The Thing. Marvel has not made any official announcements on this front, although Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness delivered a major surprise with John Krasinski appearing as Mister Fantastic. This raised questions about if he'll star in Fantastic Four, and if his real-life wife Emily Blunt will join Krasinski to be Sue Storm.

There have also been rumors online in recent weeks that Jurassic World Dominion star Howard was going to play Sue Storm in the MCU's Fantastic Four movie. The rumor originated from 4chan and said Howard would also direct the movie in addition to starring. Now that the actress is out doing press for Jurassic World Dominion, she encountered the rumor as influencer Andrés Navy asked her to sign a Funko POP of Invisible Woman. Bryce Dallas Howard's reaction was posted on TikTok, where she says she doesn't believe that is happening or that she has anything to do with the MCU Fantastic Four movie.

Howard debunking the rumors she'll play Sue Storm in the MCU continues to leave the shared universe without its Invisible Woman. Blunt has long been the top choice for most fan casts to keep her and Krasinski together on-screen. -Collider