Bruce Springsteen returns with Hello Sunshine

Bruce Springsteen dropped a brand new song, ‘Hello Sunshine’, on April 26, just hours after confirming new music would be on the way. The singer debuted the track’s lyric video at midnight on the 26th. He does not appear in the video, which shows an old car driving down a scenic road with the lyrics to the song trailing along the side of the screen. “This record is a return to my solo recordings featuring character driven songs and sweeping, cinematic orchestral arrangements,” Bruce explained. “It’s a jewel box of a record.”

Along with the song announcement, Bruce confirmed that a solo album, ‘Western Stars’, would be coming on June 14. This will be the 69-year-old’s first album full of new, original songs since 2012, so it’s definitely a big deal. Bruce explained that the record is inspired by California pop artists from the 60s and 70s, like Bacharach and Glen Campbell. He also confirmed that the vibe of ‘Hello Sunshine’ is similar to what will be on the rest of the LP, which includes 13 songs in total. “The 13 tracks of ‘Western Stars’ encompass a weeping range of American themes, of highways and desert spaces, of isolation and community and the permanence of home and hope,” he explained.

Ron Aniello is the producer on ‘Western Stars’, which also features more than 20 musicians. Some of the other tracks on the record include ‘Hitch Hikin’, ‘Somewhere North of Nashville’, ‘Moonlight Motel’, ‘Tucson Train’ and ‘Sundown’.    

—Hollywood Life