BRTA approved Walton e-bike hits market

Published : 06 Dec 2022 04:39 PM | Updated : 06 Dec 2022 10:05 PM

Walton’s electric bike under the brand name TAKYON got the approval of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). Walton e-bike is the first-ever in the segment in Bangladesh that got the BRTA approval. Like the conventional fuel-run motorbikes, the eco-friendly Walton e-bike now can legally run on the Bangladesh roads with BRTA registration. This bike will cost only 10-15 paisa per kilometer.

Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited’s Deputy Managing Director Engineer Liakat Ali said that they are marketing e-bikes in the domestic market under the brand name of TAKYON with Walton logo. Initially, they released one model named TAKYON 1.00 with three different colours- red, blue and grey. Price of this e-bike is set at Tk 127,750. Customers can purchase this eco-friendly e-bike from any Walton showrooms across the country and also from the online sales platform of Walton Digi-Tech.

Like the conventional gasoline (petrol-octane) run bikes, Walton's e-bikes can also be registered with BRTA for 2 or 10 years, he said adding, the registration cost of Walton e-bikes is much less than that of gasoline bikes.

Chief Commercial Officer of Walton Computer Products and TAKYON e-bike Touhidur Rahman Raad said, the attractively designed TAKYON electric bike has a powerful brushless DC motor with a maximum capacity of 1.5 kw. It uses a new technology graphene based battery, which has a capacity of 1.6 kwh. The bike will travel up to 70 km on a single charge. The maximum speed limit of the bike is 50 km per hour.

He also said, the new technology environment-friendly graphene based battery is enriched with 600-800 cycles, which can easily provide service for 3 years. The e-bike has portable charger which can be charged from the 220 volt power line used in residence. Both wheels of the e-bike have hydraulic disc brakes and tubeless tires. Walton e-bike is also featured with LCD speedometer and LED lighting.

According to Walton authorities, they are developing and marketing e-bikes to protect the environment and ensure safe transportation at low cost by preventing the use of fossil fuels. Customers of TAKYON e-bikes will get free after-sales service for up to 2 years from Walton service points across the country.

Related sources say, a 100 cc conventional bike runs for a maximum of 50-60 kilometers on 1 liter of fuel for which it costs Tk. 2 or more in per km. In comparison, an electric bike runs up to 70 kilometers on single charge and the per km cost is only 10-15 paisa. The fuel-run bikes cause noise and environment pollution whereas the e-bikes are noise and environment pollution free. Fuel-run bikes need high periodic maintenance costs while the maintenance cost of e-bikes is very low compared to fuel based bikes. Fuel dependent bikes have manual clutch gear which is difficult to operate whereas electricity based bikes have fully auto gear and easy to drive.