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BRRI Hybrid-7 variety Aus paddy yields 23 maunds per Bigha

Published : 29 Jul 2021 09:28 PM

Record yield has been achieved in BRRI Hybrid-7 variety Aus paddy. The yield per Bigha in crop cutting was 23 mounds which is much higher than any other variety of Aus season.

This information was obtained on the day of paddy cutting and field day of the demonstration plot of BRRI Hybrid-7 variety at Sabuj Bangla Krishi Khamar in Charmansa village under Rajapur union of Bhola district on Wednesday. The event was organized by the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Bhola.

 Abu Mohammad Enayet Ullah, Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension, Bhola, presided over the field day. Md. Asadullah, Director General of the Department of Agricultural Extension, Dr. Md. Shahjahan Kabir and AKM Monirul Alam, Director, Surajmin Wing, Department of Agricultural Extension were present.

 According to the Department of Agricultural Extension of Bhola, the seeds of BRRI Hybrid-7 variety were sown on April 8 this year in the demonstration plot of 8 hectare land of Md. Yanur Rahman Biplob, a farmer of Charmansa village. The saplings were planted on May 3. The paddy was harvested on July 28 through combine harvester. Life span was 110 days. Yield of paddy per hectare is 7 metric tonnes and 4.60 metric tonnes per hectare as rice.

According to the results of the harvest, the paddy has been sold raw from the field at a price of Tk 750 per mound. The production cost per hectare has been Tk 60 thousand. Excluding the cost, the farmer's profit per hectare is Tk 70 thousand. As a result, he will get a profit of 5.70 lakh on 8 hectares of land.

 Deputy Director Abu Md. Enayet Ullah said that in the current 2021-22 Aus season, seeds of BRRI Hybrid-7 variety have been collected from BRRI and distributed among the farmers free of cost. Through which BRRI Hybrid-7 has been planted in 198 hectares of land in Bhola. Necessary arrangements will be made to supply seeds as per the demand of the farmers in the coming season.

 Md. Asadullah, Director General, Department of Agricultural Extension, said that the results of Brie Hybrid-6 variety of paddy harvesting are very promising. Initiatives will be taken to expand the cultivation of this variety of paddy in the coming Aus season. He urged the farmers to cultivate this variety of paddy more in Aus season.

 Brie Director General. Md. Shahjahan Kabir said, BRRI Hybrid-7 variety has higher yield than all other varieties in Aus season. In the coming days we will try to supply this variety to the farmers through BADC.