Brokers luring patients into private hospitals in Kishorganj

Published : 30 Nov 2022 07:38 PM

Various private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers have been built around the government hospital in Kishoreganj. The main objective of most of these institutions is to distribute patients from government hospitals. For this, brokers work in government hospitals on behalf of those institutions. They mislead hospital patients to various private clinics and diagnostic centers on various pretexts.

The patients and relatives of the victims complain that the hospital does not provide good treatment, the test equipment is useless, etc. Again, when they go there, a class of 'clinic traders' are cutting the pockets of patients and their relatives in the name of various necessary and unnecessary tests. It is known that there are about 148 clinics, diagnostics, hospitals and labs under private enterprise in Kishoreganj. There is mismanagement in the various hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and labs that have been established.

According to the information and research given by the victims, Dalal Chakra works to distribute patients on the basis of fixed commission. Again, there are complaints of wrong treatment in these private hospitals and clinics. Still a silent administration. Due to lack of policy, many private clinics and diagnostic centers have been established in front of government hospitals and within half a kilometer. Some establishments are operating like clinics with diagnostic center approval.

Those concerned said that many times the patients are forced to go to private clinics and hospitals as the government hospitals do not have enough medical equipment in some cases. However, the cost of various tests in private clinics is 8 to 10 times higher than in government hospitals and health complexes.

Some doctors of Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College Hospital, on condition of anonymity, said that some businessmen have built clinics, diagnostic centers and labs near the main gate of the government hospital. Every day thousands of patients come to the government hospitals for medical care. Patients seeking medical treatment are encouraged by some unscrupulous working doctors and established brokers to undergo tests at various clinics and diagnostic centers.

Social activist Khujistha Begum Jonaki said that the standard of healthcare in government hospitals needs to be increased. There is a need for specific policies on how far apart private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers will be built. The silent destruction of healthcare is happening in the absence of policies.

Social worker Syed Yashin said, most of the diagnostic centers do not have pathological hygienic environment. Still these institutions get the approval of the health department. These unstandardized private institutions are constantly deceiving patients in the name of medical services by bringing patients from government hospitals and rural areas through brokers. Civil Surgeon Dr. Saiful Islam said that there is no specific policy on how far private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers can be built from government hospitals. There is no scope for local policy making. Policy matters depend on central decisions.