Bridgerton teases Eloise's romance story

Published : 25 Sep 2022 08:42 PM


Eloise might seem like she will never find romance in Bridgerton, but Netflix might have teased how Eloise’s love story could play out.

Eloise might seem like she will never find romance in Netflix’s Bridgerton, but Netflix might have teased how Eloise’s future love story could play out in the show during TUDUM. Unlike her sister, Daphne, who was eager to find a match, Eloise has no interest in marriage, making her story far less predictable than those of her siblings. However, a comment from Claudia Jessie, who brings Eloise to life, might have provided insight into Eloise’s future, setting the stage for a time jump in the process.

Netflix’s TUDUM features a segment with Bridgerton actors Claudia Jessie and Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton) paint portraits while interviewing each other about their characters. In response to Newton, Jessie mentions she “can’t play a teenager forever.” Although this seems like an offhand comment, it has increased significance when considered in the context of Eloise’s story in the original Bridgerton novels. Eloise’s story is told in To Sir Phillip, With Love, featuring Eloise as a 28-year-old spinster when she finally finds love. This detail suggests Jessie’s comment might have teased Eloise’s future in the TV adaptation as well.

The first two seasons of Bridgerton take place back-to-back, but Jessie’s comment at TUDUM along with Eloise’s original storyline suggest that this might change during Eloise’s turn in the spotlight on the Netflix show. Since Eloise is a spinster in her Bridgerton novel, it would be impossible for her story to take place only a few years after the current seasons of Bridgerton. This, along with Jessie’s remark about her character’s age, seems to tease an impending time jump in the Bridgerton universe in order to accurately adapt Eloise’s story.