Bridge being constructed on Kinu Canal

Published : 22 Jan 2022 08:23 PM

A new bridge over Kinu Sarkar Canal at Chatmohar upazila in Pabna is being constructed at a cost of Tk 22.5 million. At least 20,000 people on both sides of the canal will benefit from the completion of the bridge.

It is learned that a sewerage gate was constructed a few years ago in the vicinity of the bridge. It is becoming possible to control water management through a sluice gate. However, the connecting road adjacent to sluice gate has not been constructed yet. 

The people of this area are constantly suffering due to lack of connecting roads. No vehicles are able to pass through the sluice gate built at a cost of around Tk 10 crore. 

The combined cemetery of Charsen village and Natabaria villages is on the west bank of the canal and as there is no road, the people of Charsen village cannot normally take the dead person to the cemetery for burial. 

In the rainy season, the people of Charsen village relied on boats to bury the dead for about 6 months. If the new bridge is built, they will get rid of this problem.

Nazrul Islam of Charsen village said that if any person of the village dies in the rainy season, there is no alternative to the boat to take him to the graveyard for burial. 

Many times when it is too late to get the boat, it is too late to take the dead person to the graveyard. Saidul Islam of the same village said, "If someone from the village dies in the rainy season, we have not had any alternative vehicle to take him to the grave. When the construction work of the bridge is completed, this problem of the villagers will be solved.”

Moktar Hossain of Natabaria village said that North Sengram High School and Charsen village Government Primary School are located on one side of the canal. 

On the other side are the graveyard and Ashraful Uloom Islamia Madrasa and Orphanage. Hundreds of students from the surrounding area study in the educational institutions. 

As there is no connecting road to the bridge, students of all these educational institutions including Charsen, Natabaria, Dhankunia, Binyabari, Gaurnagar, Karkola, Daripara villages. People of about 20 villages including Mahajer Para, Charpara, Dodaria, Sonahar Para, Jabarkol, Pailanpur, Mathurapur are constantly suffering due to the lack of connecting roads. The construction of the bridge will benefit all classes of people in the area.

Bilchalan Union Parishad chairman Akhtar Hossain said the people of the area would benefit if the new bridge was built. People of Natabaria village can easily go to Upazila Sadar. About 12 km road communication from Dhankunia towards Bhangura will be easy. Vehicles will be able to move. It will be convenient to take the mother, the child, the sick patient to the hospital. 

Farmers can easily bring crops home from the field. He sought the intervention of the concerned authorities for paving the unpaved roads on both sides of the bridge.

In this regard, Chatmohar Upazila Engineer Sultan Mahmud said, the construction work of the 40 meter long bridge has started on December 14, 2020. The contract price of the bridge is 2 crore 26 lakh 16 thousand 72 Tk. 

A contractor is constructing the bridge. When the construction work is completed, the communication system and social condition of the area will be improved.