Brick kilns still polluting air

Enforce brick kiln control law

Published : 15 Jan 2022 08:56 PM

The rapid rise of coal use in countries big kilns is polluting our environment as well as putting the coal workers in long-term lungs health risk. The owners of the illegal brick kilns are still continuing their business which is severely damaging air quality. Despite the repeated steps of the authorities concerned they manage to return to their business after a short break. 

There are about 8,000 brick kilns in the country that pollute air and environment. Most of those do not have the approval or environmental clearance. 

These kilns do not even obey the law to the letters. Their installed chimney do not follow the type or height. Although the use of drum chimneys is prohibited, these chimneys are usually used in lowland.

The government should take 

necessary measures to limit 

operations of brick kilns

Hundreds of brick kilns have been set up illegally occupying arable land around Dhaka. Most of them are still using illegal drum chimneys. The use of low quality coal in these brick kilns without checking the quality of sulfur as well as the use of harmful fuels like wood, tires, plastics etc. are emitting various types of heavy metal particles including smoke and dust.

These are extremely harmful to human health which can cause severe damage to human eyes, lungs and respiratory tract and even death in a 

short time. 

Therefore, such a massive amount of coal should not be handled in open vicinity and workers in brick kilns should always wear safety gears such as face masks and gloves while working.

In the long term, the government should take necessary measures to limit operations of brick kilns. Also the government should devise necessary measures to shift brick kiln workers to a different job sector which ultimately will save them from deadly lung diseases and put a halt to air pollution caused by these brick kilns.