BREB prepared to tackle flood

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) takes preparation and necessary measures to tackle the recent flood at different areas in the country.

Under the Rural Electrification Board, 93% of the people in the country are enjoying power facilities. BREB is firmly committed to supply uninterrupted power to this huge population.

However, nowadays, water level is increasing due to the recent flood for heavy rains and onrush hilly water throughout the country. But water became electrified being contacted with the live electric wire.

At this time, man or animal might be electrocuted being contacted with the live wire or electrified water. Even death can be happened in such accidents. In this situation, the public is urged to take the following warnings:

(1) People should stay away from the electric poles and electrical equipment.

(2) They should be careful about their livestock so that they can not reach the live electric wire or the pole.

(3) Due to the increase of water, the height of the electric wire from the water level may decrease. In this case accident may occur.

(4) Dry wood or bamboo can be used to free a person when he gets stuck in an electric cable.

(5) If any electric poles became tilted, you are requested to inform the matter to adjacent BREB office without any delay.