Brazil burning

Developed countries should act fast

What is happening in Brazil is totally preposterous. The Amazon forest is burning for the last seven days and no worthwhile action to stop the fire from taking on new areas has been taken by the Brazil government. The rainforest, largest in the world, is home to many indigenous people and plethora of life forms, many already on the verge of extinction. The fire has already caused extensive damage to trees, flora and fauna, birds and insects, and it is feared if the fire is brought under control in a day or two, more damage will be done to environment in general.        

It has been reported by agencies that so far this year, the National Institute For Space Research (INPE), has detected 72,843 forest fires burning in Brazil -- the highest number since records began in 2013.The INPE said it had observed more than 9,500 new fires since Thursday alone -- mostly in the Amazon basin, which is an 83 percent increase over the same period in 2018, when the agency recorded fewer than 40,000 fires across the whole year.

The world community has expressed

 its concern as well as angst at the size of 

the fire and inaction of the 

incumbent Brazilian government

Agencies further reported that wildfires are common in the dry season, but can also be deliberately set by farmers who are illegally deforesting land for cattle ranging. INPE researchers say the number of fires was not in line with those normally reported during dry season. Further investigation will reveal whether the wildfire had originated naturally or it was manmade. 

The world community has expressed its concern as well as angst at the size of the fire and inaction of the incumbent Brazilian government. France has threatened to back off a business deal with Brazil unless palpable action to douse it was taken. President of Brazil, facing world pressure, has sent its army to fight the fire.