BPSA, BPA term Al Jazeera report false, fabricated

Bangladesh Police Service Association (BPSA)   at press release   termed the recent report titled "All the Prime Minister's men" broadcast on the Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera as fictitious, intentional, and false.

In a press statement, BPSA President Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Md Shafiqul Islam and General Secretary Narayanganj Superintendent of Police Mohammad Zaidul Alam binned and strongly condemned the report.

The statement was signed by RM Foyzur Rahman, office secretary of the association and also an additional deputy police commissioner of DMP Dhanmondi zone.

The statement said the report had presented an individual's comment where he mentioned that the home minister, the inspector general of police, and the DMP commissioner had been bribed for the posting of the officer-in-charge of Airport Police Station in Dhaka.

It said the BPSA was not sure whether the individual had really made the comment or it was made up.

During primary investigation, the BPSA learned that the person has been living abroad for long and has no clear knowledge of modern policing.

Moreover, he has no involvement with the new generation officers of the Bangladesh Police. So, his comment appears to be fictitious.

The individual also commented on the transfer to the Airport Police Station as the officer-in-charge. He mentioned the involvement of the home minister, the inspector general of police, and the DMP commissioner in the posting or transfer of the officer-in-charge of this police station.

The home minister is widely known as an honest and ideal politician. According to the administrative procedure, the home minister is not involved in the posting or transfer of an officer-in-charge. So, it was a very unexpected and irrelevant claim about such a respected person.

The inspector general of police is not involved in the transfer or posting of an officer-in-charge either as per the administrative procedure. The incumbent inspector general, Dr Benazir Ahmed, is well known as a police official with a clean image.

Theses prove that the individual in the Al Jazeera report has no knowledge of the internal matters of Bangladesh Police.

At a time when Bangladesh Police is striding forward to fulfil the dreams and goals of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina under the leadership of Benazir Ahmed, publishing such malicious reports is highly undesirable.

In another statement, Bangladesh Police association also termed the report as false, fabricated and ill-motivated.

The hand out was jointly signed by BM Forman Ali and Mazharul Islam,  president and general secretary of the association.