Bowl-ed over Asian flavours at HUI LEGACY

Published : 28 Apr 2019 04:55 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:38 AM
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Hui Legacy is a little show of China in Dhaka. This fine dining restaurant focuses on Asian and Continental food with the authentic flavours added to them. Hui cuisine is the only one to serve halal food.

Hui Legacy specializes in premium quality dishes if someone wants to try something different. Their dishes are cooked in signature sauces and special ingredients using a special cooking style originating from Europe and the Asian mainland. The foods are unique and flavoursome.

This 150 seatery restaurant is chic and modern. They do have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The ambience is beautiful to capture the perfect moment to remember.

Now coming to the foods, they serves a wide array of dumplings ranging from traditional to their own unique recipes. I tasted Shrimp Bonnet (BDT 445) and Cream Cheese Wonton BDT 465). The shrimp bonnet attracted my attention because of the semi-transparency skin which is stunning with colorful filling. They are delicious with incredible texture. Cream cheese wonton has crispy exterior and hot melty interior. Just can’t get enough of them!

Among other appetizer the crispy buttered fried Prawn Fitters (BDT 545) took away my heart. The piping hot golden juicy fitters taste brilliant.

For the mains, Chicken with Basil Leaf (BDT 495) is light in taste. Cooked with house special sauce over the chicken and mushrooms and abundance of whole basil leaves makes it delicious.

Beef with Oyster Sauce (BDT 675) is a decent meal that goes great with Mixed Fried Rice (BDT 475). The beef is stir fried cooked in oyster sauce and garnished with basil leaf. The oyster sauce compliments the meat well by enhancing the natural flavor of the meat.

Chicken Oriental Steak Meal (BDT 625) was outrageously good. Seasoned and charred chicken steak was grilled to perfection. Served with butter rice and sautéed veggies.

Tom Yum Rice Bowl (BDT 475) is tangy and filling. Liked the rice with Mongolian grilled chicken and egg topper. The chicken has that smoky flavour boosted from the grill.

Stir fried Spicy Seafood (BDT 545) is spicy, savory and comforting. The amalgamation of seafood and veggies tossed in sauces tastes delectable.

Among drinks, Mint lemonade (BDT 170) and Oriental Mocktail (BDT 200) acted as a soothing savior to beat the heat. They are refreshing and delicious.

Well I ended up the meal with Chocolate Bao (BDT 495) is sinfully delicious. This rich creamy traditional Cantonese sweet dumplings are filled with chocolate and served with ice cream bursts are beyond words.

Well decorated with a positive vibe and a fabulous ambience, Hui Legacy is all set to rock. Excellent food followed by courteous hospitality sets the tone of this place! A hip, cozy spot away from the crowd, this place is definitely perfect for anything from a casual dinner to a family outing or friendly business meeting.