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BOU students deprived of online classes

Published : 31 Jul 2021 09:33 PM | Updated : 01 Aug 2021 12:51 AM

The activities of almost all educational institutions in the country are ongoing through online platforms despite the closure of campus. 

However, most of the students of Bangladesh Open University (BOU), are deprived of the distance learning process for various complications.

In addition, their educational lives are at stake as there has been no examination conducted in the last two years. Many are suffering from various crisis in their job life as well.

Students say, the routine and syllabus are provided for online classes but classes are not held regularly. And most of the students studying here already have jobs at different organizations, and they cannot participate in the classes as per the schedule. As a result, online class activities are hampered to a great extent.

The newly-appointed BOU vice-chancellor had said recently this year's SSC and HSC candidates will be assessed through examination on revised syllabus or online assignment although there were plans to promote them automatically.

After being appointed last month, Vice-Chancellor Prof Syed Humayun Akhter said about SSC and HSC candidates that BOU is going to take effective steps so that time is not wasted from the lives of students. 

The university has come up with two types of plans to ensure that 3.5 lakh students do not have to stay stuck, and can take part in exams at regular intervals

However, students who are deprived of subject-based studies without classes say that they will be in trouble if they start direct assignment activities.

Md Rayhan Islam, a student Nagorpur Govt College under BOU and a 2021 HSC candidate told Bangladesh Post, "I got admitted in 2019, and since then no examination has been conducted. We would have taken part in three or four examination by now, but we got promoted automatically."

"There have been online classes, started a few months ago, but that's only named 'Class'. The teachers do not come to classes regularly and many of the students cannot manage the time to join for they work at different organizations. 

Recently, we have been given some assignments as part of the evaluation in the upcoming HSC examination. But how do we complete our assignments without the subject knowledge?", he added.

In addition to the SSC and HSC courses, students at graduation levels suffer greatly. They have been expecting to complete their academic life and make a better life and livelihood, but that dream keeps getting shattered day by day.

Zeesan Tasfiq, a regular student of the department of law at the Dhaka city campus of BOU told Bangladesh Post, "It's been over two years for me as the student of third year. The last exam we took part was taken in February, last year."

"We would be at the final semester of fourth year, close to becoming a graduate, if examinations were taken regularly. I am uncertain of my career and what's ahead in the future," he added.

The educational institutions are closed due to the corona outbreak, but the online education activities of the students have been continued, said BOU sources. Although the participation of students is low, almost all the students are completing their studies and preparing for the exams for module based education.

The university authorities said that there was a plan to take the exam in February-March this year, but it was not possible due to the absence of a regular vice chancellor.

When contacted Dr AHM Anisur Rahman, Director for the Division of Student Support  Service at BOU,  told Bangladesh Post, "We started our online class programme a few months ago. The details can be known from the division of Information and Public Relation."

However, it was not possible to reach Md Abul Kashem Shikder, Director (Contractual) of Information and Public Relations, despite several efforts.