‘Bou Bazar’ changing luck of marginal women

Published : 27 Oct 2022 09:18 PM

The name of the market is 'Bou Bazar'. But this is not a wife-buying market. 'Wives' buys and sells essentials and goods of daily necessities there. That means, women are the buyers and sellers there.

This market has a long history going on in Machimpur, Sylhet. The businesswomen here also do not know who gave this name to the market. Or maybe no one named it at all, because of the movement of housewives in the market, the market has come to be known as the Bou Bazar. This is Sylhet's only daily necessities market centered on women and with women. This market runs every day from nine in the morning to one in the afternoon. From vegetables, onion-garlic, oil-dal-salt to fish-meat, all types of daily necessities are available in this market.

Locals know that this market has been sitting for about thirty years. As the men of the house left early in the morning for work, the women had to suffer collecting their daily necessary things to Cook. So they were forced to go out to buy daily necessities. In the beginning, some women started to sell their daily necessary things. One or two women in the area used to sit with a few products. As the sellers were women, the housewives of the area used to come to buy products from them. The number of sellers is gradually increasing. The women of the surrounding area also started sitting here arranging the daily essential products. The number of buyers is also increasing. Gradually it takes shape in the market.

Living comfortably with their husband and children, the realities of life have turned each of them from housewives to small traders. 

Visiting the market, around 20 to 25 women are sitting on the display of their products. 

There are also a few male businessman. As all kinds of products are available next to the house and all the people who come to sell their products in the market are women, customers flock to this market to shop comfortably.

Talking to the saleswomen of the market It came to know that, this market has turned their life. In the beginning, they had some issues. They Don't have a proper area to sit. Some Men see them differently. But nowadays they have made it over. Now they are earning a good amount of money throughout this market. They are getting Self-dependent.

Local buyers say that all kinds of goods are available in this market. Moreover, as there is no crowd of men like in other markets, everyone can market comfortably, so they come here almost every morning. They said, though the marker opened in the morning, they can easily buy their necessary thing. After completing the marker we can go to our respective jobs. Moreover, fresh things are available in this market. 

Products are bought early in the morning from various wholesale markets and sold here. From 9 am to 1 pm after finishing the lesson on business, the vendors here join their household work.