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Both AL, BNP busy lobbying to get party tickets

12th JS Polls

Published : 07 Oct 2023 09:41 PM | Updated : 08 Oct 2023 05:19 PM

Potential candidates of the two big parties in Meherpur-2 Gangni constituency have already started public relations and exchange of views centring the parliamentary elections.

In the last election, there was infighting between the two parties. Even so, the Awami League went to the national elections to maintain its existence, so the seat was not lost. There is still political conflict in Awami League. 

On the other hand, political intellectuals are also commenting that BNP can declare unity in the elections even if it has internal conflicts. However, Awami League leaders said that if BNP participates in the national elections, there will be no conflict between Awami League. 

Moreover, many people who are considered as political guest birds will seek nomination.

According to local sources, the way the ruling Awami League has started running with power around the national elections, the rival BNP is not able to do so. The fear of lawsuits and arrests is driving them away. However, due to strategic reasons, BNP has come down with formal announcements. 

Whenever they get a chance, they present speeches highlighting various corruptions of the Awami League in meetings. Meanwhile, the Awami League is campaigning as a worthy candidate by highlighting the various developments of the government. They are bringing up various proposals including tackling natural disasters, implementing programmes that are friendly to the poor, taking up big projects like Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, Padma Bridge, Metro Rail or Tunnel. 6 people from AL and 3 people from BNP can seek nomination. 

The potential candidates of AL are - current MP Sahiduzzaman Khokon, District AL Secretary MA Khalek, Gangni Upazila Awami League Secretary Mukhlesur Rahman Mukul, former MP Maqbul Hossain, former mayor Ashraful Islam and Dr. Nazmul Haque Sagar. District Committee Secretary and former MP Amjad Hossain, District BNP Senior Vice President Javed Masud Milton and Gangni Upazila BNP General Secretary Saharbati UP former Chairman Asaduzzaman Bablu can seek nomination from BNP.

A source said that the current MP Sahiduzzaman Khokon has played a major role in the development of the area. In the parliament, the development of the area and the establishment of a university, development of Meherpur-Kushtia road, Sheikh Russell Mini Stadium, agricultural research and training center, farmers camp, etc. All these demands have been implemented. However, some members of the party have commented that many people are distrusting him as they cannot account for not being asked. In particular, his confidants and some party workers were named in the list of assistance received from the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. 

On the other hand, district AL general secretary MA Khalek could not make any development in the area after being elected as chairman. What and how much allocation has come and in which sectors he has made progress remains unclear. Before that, he lost to another candidate of his own party in the national election in 14 years.

Another prominent leader of the party, Gangni Upazila Awami League General Secretary Moklechur Rahman Mukul is continuing his campaign. He is continuing the campaign in different villages by highlighting the positive activities of the government. Along with that, he is also describing what development he will make in the future if he becomes an MP in the party nomination. However, even after six months of Gangni Upazila Council, many activists are angry because there is no full-fledged committee.

Meanwhile, a reliable source said that former mayor Ashraful Islam will also seek nomination in the national elections. He worked for the development of the municipal assembly after winning the last municipal election by a large margin. But increased the tax burden on the municipality. Moreover, they built temporary sheds on roads and public roads by taking lakhs of taka from the footpath hawkers and traders. At present, as all those sheds are being demolished for road widening, the traders will sit on the road. They are not even asking for money back.

Dr. A.S.M Nazmul Haque Sagar is also in discussion. He is also running various campaigns. As he could not benefit from the local politics due to his government job in Dhaka, he left his job and returned to the area and is vigorously campaigning. He is doing various welfare works including free health care for many people in the area. He has developed a good rapport with the public at present. He is trying to gain the trust of the people in the family line.

On the other hand, former MP Maqbul Hossain will also seek nomination from AL. The one-time a great politician, heroic freedom fighter and elected twice as an independent candidate will also participate in the election and is said to be seeking nomination. Many leaders and activists said that many of Maqbul Hossain's close people and relatives have wrapped their sugarcane by taking shelter of corruption. Especially the student leader Saiduzzaman Shipu, who is known as his closest person, was disappointing.

On the other hand, BNP has had internal conflicts for long. During the tenure of former MP Abdul Gani, BNP was divided into two parts. It continues to this day. Abdul Gani joined LDP when he lost the election. Many of the party boycotted him. District BNP general secretary Amjad Hossain took his place.

After Amjad Hossain was elected as MP, it is recognized in all quarters that the MP of the opposition party swallowed everything he got. However, he denied this allegation. Javed Masood Milton was nominated by BNP in the last parliamentary elections. To break Amjad Hussain's anger, the party's leaders and workers staged a sit-in and returned him to the party. However, he has no action in the anti-government movement in the area. However, he will seek nomination from the party.

Meanwhile, the industrialist Javed Masud Milton, who is considered as a person close to the party people, accelerated the movement by always involving the party people in the struggle. 

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