‘Boro Kuthi’ getting a facelift

Published : 01 Jan 2022 08:02 PM | Updated : 03 Jan 2022 04:21 PM

The 300-year old two-storied establishment made by the Dutch traders in 1725 at the southern side of Shaheb Bazar beside the river Padma is getting a facelift.

Though the building remained dilapidated for a long time, it now looks attractive and polished after its repair and white-washing.

It is learnt, the Dutch traders built the building as their trade centre and this building is regarded as one of the oldest buildings in Rajshahi. The Department of Archeology has prepared a project to turn Boro Kuthi as a Museum. Various materials including useables, paintings and portraits used by the Dutch traders and the East India Company traders will be preserved in this museum. 

Nahid Sultana, Regional Director of the Department of Archeology, Rajshahi and Rangpur region informed,  the wooden stairs of Boro Kuthi have been damaged and broken. The roof of the building is giving away. It is necessary to repair these broken and damaged parts of the building minutely.  She said, expert masons and carpenters of the Archaeology department  will repair those damaged parts of the building. She added, the repair work will start in 2022. 

It is learnt, in 1814 the Dutch traders decided to close their business from Rajshahi under a deal with the East India Company and handed over all businesses including the Boro Kuthi to East India Company. East India Company used Boro Kuthi as their trading centre till 1833 and then abandoned it.

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The first Administrative Building of Rajshahi University was set up in Boro Kutchi in 1953. Still, the building is under the authority of RU. However, in 2018, the government declared Boro Kuthi as a Preserved  Archaeology.  

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