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Booters reach Kuala Lumpur to play Asian Cup qualifier

Published : 02 Jun 2022 07:39 PM

Bangladesh national football team, who left Jakarta on Thursday morning with some comfort after a goalless draw in their FIFA friendly match held on Wednesday, reached Kuala Lumpur safely.

Bangladesh team, who are on their mission to play in the Asian Cup qualifying round to take place in Kuala Lumpur, could not leave the country with full strength squad, as almost half of the starting line-up players could not accompany the contingent due to injury problems.

Realistically, the Spanish coach Javier Fernandez Cabrera had to leave with a halfheartedly, as he was forced to leave some of the vital performers of the team.

But the Spaniard did not expressed his worries or looked dampen the spirits and as he keeps confidence on the players he has in the squad when before their departure Dhaka for FIFA Friendly in Indonesia.

In a pre-match press conference Cabrera said, “I think we will go step by step and I think it is possible for the team to create long term objectives and need to focus ourselves, and what we want to do in every single day and let first focus on Indonesia how we perform against them.”

Now, Cabrera obviously left Indonesia with some happy notes as his squad forced the boys’ of his Indonesian counterpart (head coach of Indonesia), a high profiled coach Shin Tae Yong to a goalless draw.

In this respect Cabrera certainly deserves some credits for halting Shin Tae Yong, who led South Korea beating Germany 2–0 in 2018 World Cup in Russia and eliminated the Germans from the group stage for the first time in 80 years.

The match against Indonesia was the third one for Cabrera after taking the charge of Bangladesh national side and all were the FIFA friendly match when his team suffered one defeat and drew two.

But Cabrera will face real challenges with Bangaldesh national sides when he start the Asia Cup qualifying campaign from June 8 in Kuala Lumour, Malaysia.

In Indonesia, in the friendly match, Cabrera realiastically had to play with defensive strategy when he opened about is tactics in the pre-match press meet.

Cabrera, who was in a deep trouble ahead of the match in Indonesia to pick up a suitable combination in absence of the regular performers, might be designed a line up for the forthcoming Asian Cup after monitoring the players progression in match against Indonesia.

Bangladesh, who was drew in the Group E, comprised with Turkemistan, Bahrain and Malaysia. Bangladesh will begin their campaign on June 8 with taking on Bahrain.