Boost rice production

Published : 23 Jan 2024 09:27 PM

The country’s annual consumption requirement of rice is 35.6 million tonnes. Bangladesh produces above 40.1 million tonnes of rice annually, according to the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute.

However, the unscientific milling system causes wastage of 5.17 million tonnes of rice every year, while the country has to import 1.0-1.5 million tonnes of the staple yearly to maintain a balance in the domestic market. So, the government is formulating roadmap for rapid increase in of rice production to meet the annual demand for the staple food.

Although the country witnessed record rice production during Aush, Aman and Boro season. The public sector food stock is also the highest in record. But the rice price trend is upward and the price hike could not be controlled. The rice price is going upward even after the harvest of Aman across the country amid crackdown on hoarders.

Therefore, the government has to raise rice production in order to keep the rice price within the purchasing power of the lower income people. To raise the rice production, cultivation and transformation of newly-invented ultra high-yielding inbreed and super hybrid varieties should have to be increased as our limited arable land is shrinking gradually.

Rice price is going upward 

even after the harvest  of 

Aman across the country amid 

crackdown on hoarders

Apart from this, rice cultivation should have to be extended to  areas including hilly region, haor and coastal basins and that is why a concrete action should be taken targeting increase in rice production during the next Boro, Aush and Aman seasons.

So, the government will have to distribute seed free of cost and fertilizer price also should be reduced aiming to increase rice production. On Tuesday International Rice Research Institute has given the assurance of strengthening its cooperation and activities in increasing rice production and productivity in Bangladesh as it has adopted a five-year work-plan to this end.

Unless food security is ensured, a country faces various problems. However, Bangladesh has no food deficiency now.

The population is increasing and so, rice production should be increased for ensuring food security in the days to come.

But, attempts are also being made to make the rice market volatile. Not only that, all of a sudden, the prices of rice and (some other) commodities went high after the election. If production can be increased, problems like hoarding and creation of artificial crisis would not exist.