Boost farming sector

Ensure no food crisis occurs during and after pandemic

Food is a main concern all around the world during the pandemic that has been created because of the coronavirus outbreak. Despite world forums and organizations criticizing and predicting the shortage of food in the South East Asian countries, Bangladesh has relatively managed to stay ahead in this because of sufficient food stocks in the country. 

The government has also assured of sufficient stockpiles of food for counter balancing the food shortage if there were to occur one.

A recent report published in this daily projected that the government has taken multi-track initiatives to boost the agriculture sector to ensure that Bangladesh does not experience any food scarcity. 

Despite a massive Boro harvest, the steps to initiate and bolster the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and oil-type crops, and farming of cattle is sure to add on to the already amassed amount of food in the country for the people.

This emphasis on food stocks in the country 

goes hand in hand with the Prime Minister’s 

idea of ‘not even a single inch of land would 

be kept uncultivated’

The earlier initiative to give directives to the several ministers connected with food and agriculture seems to have been done with consideration for the predictions of WFP and IFPRI. 

This emphasis on food stocks in the country goes hand in hand with the Prime Minister’s idea of ‘not even a single inch of land would be kept uncultivated’.

On another note, experts related to the sector opine that food production must be increased to tackle post-Covid-19 pandemic situation. In the continuation, it suffices to say that the bolstering of agriculture in a varied manner will help counter the situation in a more planned manner. 

We believe that the government’s actions to ease the problem that might have occurred and posed a rather serious threat if the food supply were to shorten prior to it ever taking place is a well planned approach to dealing with the pandemic.

Above all, effort must be given by the authorities concerned so that no such scenario ever takes place in the country. Also, land fertility and food rotations must be accepted into the plan as well so that highest productivity can be gained from each yard of cultivable land.