Book with PM’s instructions to be placed before ECNEC

A book containing 484 instructions of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will be placed tomorrow’s executive committee of the national economic council (ECNEC) meeting, sources said.
The ECNEC chairperson has given 484 instructions regarding operating development works for the people during the NEC and ECNEC meeting in last 10 years, sources also said.
From January 2009 to June this year, Prime Minister has instructed to the authorities concerned to operate these projects smoothly.
In this regard, the planning commission has taken initiative to contain these instructions through a book which will be placed before the upcoming ECNEC meeting.
“The planning commission has made a report book containing all the instructions of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in last 10 years. The book will be placed before Tuesday ECNEC meeting,” a senior official of the planning ministry told Bangladesh Post.
The ECNEC meeting will be chaired by its chairperson and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina which will be held at National Economic Council (ECNEC) conference room in the city Agargaon area.
After placing it, the book will be sent to all ministers, secretary, divisional commissioners, deputy commissioners (DCs) and project directors to work further as per the instruction of the Prime Minister.
About the matter, planning secretary Md Nurul Amin said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given instructions on several projects during the NEC and ECNEC meeting. Some of them have already implemented and some are now under implementing process.
Ensuring the sustainable development goal (SDG), the planning commission has taken the initiative to implement the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s instruction properly, he added.
“We are prepared to place these instructions as a book before the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday’s ECNEC meeting,” he also said.
The instructions are- preserving rainwater to keep in-house reserve water in constructing cyclone shelter centres in coastal area, conducting feasibility study of constructing tunnel under Jamuna river others.
There are many instructions of the Prime Minister including development of roads, rail and water communication across the country.