Bongo expanding to North America, signs up with Canadian rapper

With over 500 partners across the region, Bongo is now expanding in North America by signing up with their first artist, Shane Mac, a talented Canadian rapper.

Shane Mac is a Vancouver-based musician and artist. A popular rapper in his community, Shane has released 14 tracks and is known to be a prolific freestyler who has performed on the streets around the world including various cities in the U.S. and Costa Rica.

He dreams to bring about change in the current Vancouver rap scene with his upcoming projects and collaborations.

His style is described as a brilliant new school sound with an old school vibe. He also has plans to visit Bangladesh and do some collaborative works with Bongo’s network of artists.

As a Bongo partner, Shane Mac will receive services such as channel management and optimisation, monetisation, and copyright protection, among other services including video editing and correction.

Bongo is looking forward to this new partnership and looks forward to further expansion in the North America Region with a creator first philosophy!

Bongo is one of the leading content distribution networks in South Asia with a footprint that includes India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

It helps the creative and talented content creators from emerging markets with distribution and monetisation in multiple platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and 3rd party OTT streaming solutions.

 Bongo represents content creators that fall under the categories of news, entertainment, religion, fashion, beauty, music, and dance, among others.