Bogura-Sirajganj dual gauge railway construction in the offing

Bangladesh railway west zone is going to construct Bogura-Sirajganj direct rail track aims at easing communication between the two districts, a railway official here said, reports BSS. The west zone headquarter in Rajshahi has undertaken a project “Construction of Dual Gauge Rail Line from Bogura to Shahid M. Monsur Ali Station, Sirajganj of Bangladesh Railway”, its chief engineer Afzal Hossain told BSS.

He said the project had been approved in the ECNEC meeting on October 30, 2018 adding that an 86.51-kilometer mainline and another 16.30-kilometer loop line including other specified civil works will be constructed under the Taka 5,579.70-crore project. Two important bridges on the Karatoa and Isamoti rivers and overpass on Dhaka-Bogura highway will also be constructed with installation of modern signaling and telecommunication, he said.

The project would establish a shorter dual gauge link between the western and northern parts of the country with the eastern and southern parts via capital Dhaka, he added. “We have to acquire 960 acres of land for installation of new dual gauge mainline from Bogura to Shahid Monsur Ali Stations via Sirajganj and Raipur,” said Hossain.

Upon its successful implementation by June, 2023, this railway route will reduce travel time from Dhaka to northern part of Bangladesh besides reducing traffic congestion and air pollution through diversion of traffic to railway, he said. He also said the people of Sirajganj, Bogura and part of Naogaon will get benefit of this railway connectivity.

Meanwhile, the railway west zone has been implementing nine other projects involving around Taka 11,047.51 crore at present in order to infusing more dynamism into the railway transportation along with boosting quality services. A 55-kilometer new railway track from Kasiani to Tungipara via Gopalganj has been constructed besides renovating another 82-kilometer line from Kalukhali to Bhatiapara with a total cost of around Tk 2,110.27 crore, railway sources said.

They said a Taka 47.84-crore level crossing rehabilitation project is being implemented to ensure safe movement of rail and vehicles on road. The zone has also been implementing a project titled ‘Railway Line Renovation and Construction for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant’ which will establish railway communication between Iswardi bypass take-off point and the power plant.

“We are conducting feasibility study on important projects of the zone with an estimated cost of around Taka 9.92 crore,” said Khandakar Shahidul Islam, General Manager of the zone, while talking to BSS here on Wednesady.