Boat only means for students to attend classes in 6 govt schools

Published : 13 Sep 2023 09:03 PM

At least five hundred students of six government schools in Sirajganj’s Tarash upazila, rely on only boats as their schools submerged into water in monsoon season.

All the by road connections of Hamkuria Government Primary School, Sheikh Para Government Primary School, Sanduria Government Primary School, Protiram Charkushabari Government Primary School, Katabari Government Primary School of Tarash upazila, submerged into water in this season, according to upazila education office.

Students have to spend Tk10 to use boat to reach the schools. 

Local guardians of the school going children said that the kids suffer immensely as the roads connecting the schools are not usable during the monsoon season. Kids often miss classes as the only mean to attend the schools, boat, is not always available.

Guardians have demanded to school authorities to provide some school boat to facilitate the transportation systems.

Expressing their misery, students told Bangladesh Post that many of them have fear of water. Sometimes their school bags wet in water and they often cannot attend schools as they always cannot find boat available to reach their schools.

Some of their guardians even banned them for going to schools fearing accidents in the water.  

Hamkuria Government Primary School head master Johurul Islam Mollah said that the Chalan Bil areas are often submerged into water during the monsoon season. By road connections are not available during this time and students and locals have to rely on boat for their transportation risking their lives. 

MaguraBinod Union Parishad Chairman Mehedi Hasan Magnet said that constructing a bridge is not possible now. We will construct a makeshift bamboo-bridge when water recedes. 

Tarash upazila Primary Education Official Md Musabbir Hossain Khan said that the six government primary schools are situated in the Chalan bill. And students and locals have to rely on boat to reach there. 

He also assures that boats will be allocated for the schools to facilitate the transportation of the students as soon as possible.