BNP yet again choose 'to mislead diplomats with falsehoods'

Published : 26 May 2022 12:45 AM | Updated : 26 May 2022 01:31 PM

Following snub from German ambassador Achim Troster for distorting his statement, opposition party BNP has yet again choose to mislead diplomats with falsehoods.

On may 24, Shama OBayed, one of the organising secretaries of the party, emailed diplomats, stationed in Dhaka, claiming the JCD leaders were “unarmed” in reference to a clash erupted on the Dhaka University campus. JCD is the student wing of BNP.

Further the BNP leader claimed those JCD leaders were “going to the office of Dhaka University Journalists Association” to “converse with them”. 

In reality armed with sticks and rods the JCD activists brought up the procession with slogans to “halt academic activities” on the university.

According to Dhaka University Journalist Association, campus reporters are never allowed to join any procession with any student body including the likes of JCD.  

In response, BCL, student wing of ruling Awami League, activists and leaders chased them resulting in a clash between the groups that left at least 30 injured. 

On the other hand, ignoring the facts about the clash between both sides and  projecting the JCD leaders as only victims at the hands of  BCL leaders stand out as another attempt to misguide the diplomats.

As media reports say chased by BCL leaders, the protesting activists also counter chased with sticks and rods, a clear sign about a staged violence nipped in the bud by BCL leaders. 

Enraged at the face off, general students also expressed anger over JCDs plan to hold a demo over protesting a remark of the premier that in no way related to any academic activities. 

A violence free campus is necessary, according to students, to reduce the backlogs caused by the closure due to the pandemic.

Earlier last month, German Ambassador Troster expressed displeasure over what he said BNP misquoted him on Bangladesh’s democracy and human rights issues after his meeting with the party’s leaders last month.

“I read that I had uttered concerns about the human rights situation and democracy in the country. This is not true. I was unhappy about this (misquoting),” he had said at a programme hosted by the Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (DCAB).

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