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BNP won’t go for unrealistic move

Published : 06 Aug 2022 09:54 PM

Because of some unrealistic steps, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has been suffering a severe political setback, according some senior leaders of the party, they had been misled by some quarters in the past and still they have been suffering from a political debacle due to those reasons.    

The recent stand of the BNP is not to take any unrealistic steps as the party has lost immense potential. They are in the policy that ‘no more mistake’ which the government be benefitted. 

Some of the senior leaders of BNP said since the party has had a negative experience in the past, BNP is now not going into a tougher movement against the government.

The leaders said, despite the pressure from various levels of leaders and activists from the grassroots, BNP is not going for a strict program for the time being even after the deaths of two of its leaders in police action in Bhola. 

The party has announced democratic and peaceful programmes and, therefore, leaders and activists of the party have been instructed to keep a watchful eye so that chaos or conflict situations do not arise in these programs. 

Some of the senior leaders of BNP said their party has taken a ‘go-slow’ policy for a final movement through tougher programmes.

Those BNP leaders said that the incident in Bhola has created confusion in their mind as no such situation was created in Bhola where police opened fire. Creating such a situation might be a strategy of the government to bring the BNP to the streets now.

So the BNP will not step into the government’s trap. Rather, BNP will continue issue-based systematic programs along with focusing on forming a greater unity with different political parties and reorganising the BNP.

In this regard, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, BNP already is in the movement through various protests on the streets against a number of various failures of the government.

“We want a mass movement against the government. We are working towards that goal. We are carrying out dialogues with various political parties to create a greater unity”, he said and continued as saying, “It will not be possible to oust the government without a mass upsurge.”

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “We have seen the government’s blueprints in the past. We think that the government is trying to create an artificial situation to provoke the BNP. But we will not step into any provocation of the government. The final program of the movement will be announced in time with the people.”

BNP sources said after the Bhola incident, the party held a closed-door meeting where they came to a decision that there was a planning of the government behind the incident. The BNP also thinks that the government wants to bring the party to the street at this movement for some unknown reasons.

They also said that when the BNP would come to the streets, a violent and chaotic situation would be created. Then the government would get a chance to be tougher against the BNP. The situation might result in the arrest of the party men and police harassment of them.

As the next 12th parliament election is scheduled to be held after more than one and a half years, so, BNP now is not going into any tougher movement against the government. Rather it would continue its systematic programs against the government staying in the political field.

BNO’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi also said that the government is inciting BNP and its activists in various ways. But the BNP will not step into the government's trap.