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BNP wants to create unrest by making Khaleda’s treatment an issue: Quader

Published : 10 Dec 2021 09:23 PM | Updated : 13 Dec 2021 07:03 PM

Awami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Friday said BNP’s target is to fish in troubled water by creating unrest in the country making an issue over the treatment of BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia.

He said this at a press briefing at his official residence here.

Quader, also road transport and bridges minister, said BNP wanted to kill the then Opposition Leader Sheikh Hasina through the August 21 grenade attacks in 2004 but the then Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia had said in parliament that Sheikh Hasina herself carried the grenades in her vanity bag.

 Pointing to BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, he said this could not be an acceptable comment from a leader of a civilized country.

“Who set example of humanity in the country’s politics? And who are continuing indecent practice and violation of norms in politics,” he questioned Mirza Fakhrul.

Quader said BNP should see their own face in mirror before criticizing the Awami League and the government.

When Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina went to console Begum Zia after her son’s death, BNP had shut the door for the premier.

“How a political party chief of a civilized country can make such inhumane and indecent remarks? Would BNP secretary general reply to this question?” he said.

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Quader questioned how a political party chief can make indecent comments in response to an invitation for tea.

Pointing to Fakhrul, the AL general secretary said the BNP showed double-standard behaviors as the party’s secretary general didn’t join parliament even after being elected by people’s vote though the others elected BNP MPs joined.

He said Sheikh Hasina showed the highest level of generosity to graft case convict Khaleda Zia whose party BNP perpetrated the August 21 grenade attacks targeting to kill Sheikh Hasina and observes her fake birthday on August 15.

The minister said none of opposition party leaders got such facilities during the regimes of Ziaur Rahman and Begum Zia.

Mentioning that BNP leaders are now shading crocodile tears for Begum Zia, he said they couldn’t bring out any visible procession for freeing the BNP chairperson.

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