BNP suffers from indecision!

Needs political maturity

In the twisting corridors of politics BNP seems to have lost its way. Every week or so a new decision is being taken by the high command regarding the position of the party on the question of taking oath of their elected MPs and the undecidedness of secretary General Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamgir on the issue and his last-minute backing out from going for oath taking. 

The grassroots level leaders and workers of the party have expressed their frustration to the media at the ambivalence of the secretary general on such a crucial issue. 

And in a 360 degree turn about Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said on Sunday that his decision not to take oath as an MP was a wrong one. He now believes that the instruction given by Tarique Zia for the elected MPs to take oath and sit in parliament was practical.  Thus once again he proved to the countrymen that he was not able to take the right decision at the right moment.      

The grassroots level leaders

 and workers of the party have

 expressed their frustration to the 

media at the ambivalence of the 

secretary general on such a crucial issue

BNP’s inability to take quick and pragmatic decision in politics has become a chronic ailment of the party. Even on the question of taking part in the general elections held on 30 December 2018, BNP remained undecided till the last moment. Towards the end it suddenly announced joining Dr. Kamal Hossain led alliance named Jatiya Oikyafront. Once again the die-hard supporters and leaders in the peripheries became frustrated. They did not have any clear idea who were actually in a position in BNP to take decisions.       

BNP supporters used to take pride in saying that the party had governed three times in the past, but now they realise that the activities of the top leaders show little or no trace of maturity. The high command has been taking one wrong decision after another since 2006 in a bid to perpetuate its rule. 

The real supporters of BNP still hope that good leadership will emerge and take the party on the right course in due time.