BNP’s road march

The party must shun the path of violence

Published : 17 Sep 2023 09:07 PM

BNP’s last and most desperate attempt to create chaos in the country ahead of next national poll will go in vain. The party has now started ‘Road March’ programme demanding the next general election under a neutral government. 

As they (BNP) did not get expected response from its foreign masters, they are now devising new conspiracies against the government and the Awami League. But it is clear that it is not possible to realise their one-point demand. 

The upcoming general election will be held in the first week of January next as per the Constitution. Any political party can do political activities in a democratic country. Awami League and Sheikh Hasina’s government have no objection to that.

It is clear to all that BNP and some elements will not get any benefit by launching such political programme in order to foil the national elections as the polls will be held in due time as per the Constitution. 

The political parties which believe in democracy and peace and nurture the spirit and ideals of the Great Liberation War will contest next polls.

Awami League never used the backdoor for grabbing power; rather it always assumes state power through elections. But BNP wants to go to power in an illegal way as it was created in unlawful way.

We all must remain 

cautious so 

that none can create anarchy in the name 

of movement

The BNP-Jamaat clique is an anti-state evil political force which was created at the blessings of a Pakistani intelligence agency. Therefore, like in the past, the clique is plotting to return to power through the backdoor in the next elections.

We have seen this party (BNP) created from the pocket of a military dictator, repeatedly trying to come to power through the backdoor. So, they are not interested in polls. 

These political parties do not want to participate in elections fearing of losing their self-dignity. When they want to stay away from the elections or boycott the polls they blame the government, which is also an undemocratic mindset.

The election is the best way for government changeover. People will decide who will run the country as it is their power.

Under the ruling AL, definitely election will be free and fair as the party has established and ensures people’s voting right. 

We believe those who think they can foil the next general elections and topple the government through this ‘Road March’ are living in a fools’ paradise.

No political party in Bangladesh would be able to win the country’s elections by launching such a ‘Road March’. 

We all must remain cautious so that none can create anarchy in the name of movement and harm people’s lives and livelihood.